Telling IE6 to Open Internet Links in New Window

6 10 2009

This is out of the usual purpose of this site, but I am documenting this because I used some time on it to find out.

On my work computer setting an individual startpage is disabled and one is forced on the intranet site at first and have to navigate on from there, which can be quite anoying, given that I am programming and having to look up code fixes all the time.

I helped myself out with desktop shortcuts, BUT:

IE6 does not allow tabs and opens the shortcuts always in a window already opened, e.g. my remote Outlook email client… -> very annoying…

Then I googled the problem and found a post on metafiler suggesting a fix for this inconvienience.

First of all, it’s instructive to realize what the start command does. It knows nothing of Internet Explorer or any other browser. All it knows it how to look up the program associated with a URL type or file extension. So when you run “start file.html” it looks up in the registry what application is registered for .html file types, and launches it. Similarly, if you use “start http://url” it will look in the registry for the “HTTP:” URL handler, and launch whatever application is registered there. You can view these associations in Explorer (Tools – Folder Options – File Types.)

This lead to the following conclusion

  1. It is possible to start the browser from the commandline with “start”
  2. This can be added to a .bat file opening my standard set of webpages
  3. Windows can be told to open http connections in a new window

It took some fidling but this is the solution:

  1. Right click the Windows Start button
  2. Choose Open
  3. Got to Tools – Folder Options – File Types
  4. Scroll down the list and mark something like Protokoll for hypertext connections (I am seeing this in norwegian so I assume it might be like that – it is quite on top of the list shortly after Internet shortcuts)
  5. Choose Advanced
  6. you should see the default action: open
  7. Change the entry WWW_OpenURL to WWW_OpenURLNewWindow
  8. Click OK and close the file explorer. Done.

Now create a batch file to start the day, that is:

  1. rightclick the desktop,
  2. choose New – Text file
  3. name it GoodMorning.txt
  4. Open GoodMorning.txt and add some lines like:
  5. start

  6. Save and close the file
  7. Important: Rename it to GoodMorning.bat this tells windows to execute the content
  8. Double click it after starting the computer and all pages listed get opened in a separate Window

Just for the record.