Using the Directory Editor in Emacs

Emacs autocompletes path names when opening a file. Just hit TAB. When I forget the correct name of the file I am looking for I just stop at some place in the path and hit ENTER.

A list of files and folders in the directory show up and Emacs says (Dired by name). I just recently found out that Emacs offers full control over the listed files and directories in this so called Dired (directory editor) mode.

A look at the manual showed some straighforward commands, which work while Emacs is Dired. Move to the line listing the file/folder and hit

  • D to delete this file or folder
  • d to flagg this file/folder for deletion
  • u to unflagg this file/folder to prevent deletion
  • x to delete the files flagged for deletion
  • R Rename the specified file
  • C Copy the specified file(s). Emacs asks for the directory (and filename) where to copy to.