Xubuntu Desktop Disappeared

The other day my desktop disappeared in Xubuntu Karmic (9.10). First I did not notice since the background was still visible, but no icons showed up (which I rarely use, appart from removable media) and the very useful middleclick showing all processes on all desktops did not work anymore.

Took quite some googling, but Ubuntuforums had the answer:

Alt-F2 to open the application starter and
started the desktop process again…

The desktop process must have failed the other day and after exiting the session this configuration was safed… even restarting did not change it.


No Sound on HP EliteBook with Ubuntu Jaunty

Sound did not work on a HP EliteBook 2730p. It seemed the sound did not reach the speakers. I found the solution at linlap.com for the EliteBook 2530p and some Linux distribution. It worked on the 2730p as well:

Open alsa-base.conf with any texteditor (here ‘gedit’) by typing
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
in the terminal.

Then add a line
options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1 single_cmd=1 model=laptop
at the end of the file.

Save it and restart the computer.

PS: This is one-of-those-Newbee-with-Linux-problems which get solved by semi-competent replication of some geeky fiddling with foo.conf files in /etc or /boot or /bar folders … I have no Idea what alsa-base.conf is and why/how this works. I just found the fix with google at the site cited above and it works…