Ubuntu Installation from USB-disk

First, it is no longer neccessary to burn CDs in order to install Ubuntu (as any other Linux flavor i assume).

If one has a running Ubuntu install present, it is very easy:

  1. download the desired distribution (e.g. the Xubuntu 64-bit Desktop release to your harddrive
  2. sudo aptitude install usb-creator
  3. plug in a USB-disk with 1GB capacity at least
  4. open Menu – System – USB Startup Disk Creator and
  5. follow the menu instructions.

Doing this you end up with a desktop realease of Xubuntu on a USB-disk. You can boot and try out Xubuntu from the disk without changing anything on the host-computer. Or: you can start the installer to have the operating system permanently on harddisk.

But: if you might want to have an alternate installation USB-disk you have to undergo a more difficult task.

Why would you do this? The alternate install offers more flexibility concerning crypted partitions or installing just a command line “barebone” version of ubuntu. I started this task since the fluxbox is my favorite desktop manager and I wanted to play around a bit with creating my own Ubuntu flavour…


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