Install R packages without internet connection

You might have no internet connection or as in my case you have one, but the firewall prevents anything beside Windows IE to access the net. Grrr.

Ok. It takes more time, but is possible. Lets have an example:
Installing the package ‘gam’ for R-2.9 on Windows being in Norway (with as the nearest and fastest “Comprehensive R Archive Network”.

  1. Find another place with internet connection or as in my case, the browser works, so use the browser.
  2. Find the package on the repository corresponding to your operating system and your version of R in our above example here
  3. klick on the link, download it and save it (e.g. using an USB disk). Remember the path to the file (in our example in the folder H:/DATA/).
  4. Open R and write install.packages("H:/DATA/", repos=NULL) at the command line.

Thats it.


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